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Augmented/Virtual Reality and 3D Presentations

The Mono Sapiens is a company specialized in virtual reality that creates immersive experiences and customized training for different areas, such as education, entertainment and health. In addition, we produce 3D videos to present products and training in an innovative and effective way.

Feias e Eventos

Events and fairs

With virtual reality, it is possible to take event and fair visitors inside your product in an interactive and immersive way. Additionally, 3D presentations displayed on screens at the stand increase attractiveness and highlight your product, capturing the attention of visitors. Virtual reality is a powerful tool to present your products and services in an innovative and memorable way. Don't miss the opportunity to make your company stand out at events and fairs with this amazing technology.



The presentation of products and services in an attractive and organized manner is essential for a company's efficiency. Mono Sapiens offers graphic solutions that include maps, scale models, and all kinds of art for your company. In addition, our infographics combine 2D and 3D technical illustrations to synthesize and present content in a clear and attractive way.


Customers and Partners



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